Construction Diving

Underwater Solutions provide construction diving teams, vessels, specialised equipment and consultation for the marine construction industry both in coastal and inland waterways. Our operational staff all hold New Zealand Certificates of Competency as construction divers, as well as international diving qualifications. We have a proven track record of successful construction projects both as a sub-contractor and lead contractor.

Our services include:

  • Underwater welding and cutting.
  • Concrete formwork and placement.
  • Wharf and bridge pile repairs including FRP pile repair systems.
  • Marina, jetty and slipway repairs and construction.
  • Construction blasting.
  • Rock drilling and anchoring.
  • Mooring construction and installation.
  • Outfall installation, maintenance and repair.
  • Non-Destructive Testing, cathodic protection surveys and asset inspections.
  • Installation of marine navigation markers.
  • Marine navigation markers installation.
  • Scientific diving, sampling and surveys.

We have a proven track record working for construction companies, government departments, ports, regional and city councils across New Zealand and the South Pacific.

Underwater Solutions can provide complete design and installation for in situ pile repair systems on wharves, bridges and other marine structures. These repairs can be undertaken on operational wharves to avoid costly shutdowns.

Bridge Maintenance Project
Bridge Pile Maintenance
Wharf Pile Repair

As well as working underwater we also provide access, construction and maintenance services in remote locations such as rivers, islands and wetlands.

Bouy Maintenance
Wetlands Maintenance
Wetlands Maintenance